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Our 3 Days Intensive ICT training!

If you are looking a way to make passive income then, you are at the right place

Come and learn how you can make both passive and residual income online and change your life for good!

You cannot depend on only one source of income to live on, therefore you need multiple streams of income to build that your dream house and buy that dream car of yours.

The Program Covers

Web Design

Web Hosting

Web Security

Search engine Optimization


Affiliate Marketing

Digital Marketing

Mobile App Creation

Youtube Creation & Monetization

Learn how to build a website today

In this training, we’ll teach you how can design a website easily and at a low cost. Won’t you jump at this opportunity to transform your life today?

Join Our 3 Days ICT Training

Register Now!on the 3rd to 6th November 2021
Venue:EBIS Royal Resort. No. 1 Lamido Close by Jambutu by-pass Jimeta – Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

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