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Last week on the Guest of the Week, we brought to you an awesome minister of the gospel who talked on “The Revelation of Christianity” Pastor Arome E. Torkula delved into the word to unearth more of Christianity. Today’s Guest of the Week is another Vibrant young man who is delving into a subject many would not want to talk about. He is out there doing tremendous work for God preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and his finished work. He is brutal when it comes to the message of grace and fearlessly standing by it. I introduce to you Apostle John Atsukpe as he takes us through this astounding topic: Read and be blessed.



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Is it true that God is taking people to hell?

It’s important you understand this: God is not taking any man to hell. If you end or see yourself in hell, you took yourself there. God came to this world and died to set man free from hell’s torment. Jesus gave Himself unto death for the sake of Man (Humanity).


— How would a man see hell and still take himself there– a place of eternal torment? What kind of thought is this?


Okay, calmly follow me ….

Understand that hell is the absence of Christ in a man’s life. Christ in a man is heaven. Hell is simply the absence of Jesus in a man’s heart. Being born again is God in a man. Being born again is heaven on earth. Once a man is born again, that man receives the very life of God to live with here on earth. And in Him there is no darkness at all.


Heaven is a choice, and hell too is a choice. Hell or heaven is man’s choice to make.

Disclaimer: I do not own the right to this Photograph


What do you want?

Everything lies in here; if you can answer this question correctly, you can make the right choice for your life. Knowing what you really want in this life will always help you to taking or making the right choices.

You can decide for whatsoever, you have that WILLPOWER in you. You have the WILLPOWER to believe anything that you choose to believe.


The Bible says in Deuteronomy 30:19–20, “This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live, and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the Lord is your life, and he will give you many years in the land he swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”


God is the giver of life; God doesn’t take people to hell. He even went there to deliver those who were imprisoned there by the devil. God only saves people from hell. The reason He send His Son into this world to die, is to save Man from experiencing the torment and agony that hell has to offer.


You have the choice to reject or accept the life that God offers– His Salvation. It’s a function of your heart. Once you can open your heart, He will come in and rest with you. It’s a choice. You have the choice of choosing life over death and also choosing death over life. It’s all up to you.


Right from inception (creation), Man was presented with choices. Man was given the opportunity to make choices. There was a Tree of life in the garden to perpetually feast upon (look unto), and there was also a tree of the knowledge of good and evil to look away from. Man feasted on the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, and he died. Man beheld death by looking away the Tree of Life (Jesus). Man allowed himself to be influenced by the devil. Satan influenced man’s mind (willpower) to submitting unto him.


Jesus came to give Man a Life, not to take man to hell. Hell is not meant for man (humans). The devil is who takes people to hell by keeping them bound in confusion, ignorance, pride and in religion. It is pride and rebellion not to believe in Jesus.


The Tree of Life just as the name implies simply means LIFE ETERNAL, which is Christ Jesus. Jesus speaking in John 10:10, He said, “the devil came to steal, kill and to destroy, but I have come to give you LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.”


The life He is talking about here is the Eternal Life, which is the very Life of God.


Jesus is a life giver, not a life taker.

And the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil is DEATH. The devil came and introduced man unto death. He gave Man a mindset that is Death and man took his eyes off the Tree of Life and feasted on death– the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and man died spiritually. Man became a shadow of himself.


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You must understand what made Jesus to come into this world and suffer unto death. It was all for you. He came to save you. This happened real. It is not just some form of stories. History has it fully documented. Jesus died and arose from the grave, and He is alive today and forevermore. The death of Jesus was a reality. A Man came and died for all of Mankind to make her free from Eternal Damnation in hell.


God is not taking any man to hell, if you end in hell or you find yourself in hell, is because you prefer hell to heaven, not because God took you there. God is not wicked and He is not taking any man to hell, God’s desire is that ALL MEN (people) be saved, that none should perish.


Disclaimer: I do not own the right to this Photograph

If you end in hell today, you have no one to blame, rather you’ll only have yourself to blame. God has given every man a WILLPOWER to live with and to live by. It’s in you to do whatever you want to do with your life, which is your WILL. It’s either you chose death or you chose life. It’s all up to you!


God has made a way for us in Christ Jesus. Jesus is our ESCAPE ROUTE; you just have to believe in Jesus to be eternally made free. Jesus is the ONLY WAY to the Father (God). You must believe in Jesus to be saved.


Heaven is not a place for good people; heaven is the Abode of Believers. It is not good people that are in heaven, it is Believers that are in heaven. You are not going to heaven because you are doing everything right; you are going to heaven because you believe in Jesus. Heaven is the place of Believers, not the place of good moralists.


And also, no one is going to hell for doing anything wrong, you’ll remain in hell for rejecting the love of Christ Jesus that He has freely brought to you. For not believing in the sacrifice of Christ Jesus, you only deny yourself the privilege of living permanently in heaven.


A Ransom has been paid for you. A Ransom has been paid for all of man’s wrongs. A Ransom has been paid for all of Man’s sins. A Ransom has been paid for your sins. You only have to believe in Jesus’ Sacrifice made for you. You must take your possession. Christ is your possession (inheritance). Take it now!


You won’t blame your father neither your mother, nor your friends and loved ones for not allowing you to receive the love of God in Christ Jesus over your life, you have a WILLPOWER to make your own choice– to decide for yourself.


If you end in hell you have yourself to blame, not anybody anywhere. Jesus has died for you; your responsibility now is to believe in His sacrifice over your life. If you end in hell, you took yourself there, not God. God is not taking any man to any place called hell.


Heaven or hell is man’s choice to make, whatever choice you make today is up to you. Heaven is a choice, hell too is a choice.


Can I ask you a question? …


Why are you rejecting this Free Gift of God to you?


Oh No! How Sweet Is The Love Of Jesus! Test And See That The Lord Is Good.


Why not receive it now that you have the opportunity. It’s never too early to receive Jesus into your heart and it’s never too late. This is just the best time to accept His love over your life. Jesus loves you, He died for you. Receive Him now.


Remember I earlier stated that you have no one to blame tomorrow for making you not to believe in Christ. You can’t blame anyone for not making heaven, not even your father or you mother. Not even your wife or your husband. No man can take your place in hell. No man can replace you in hell. Ask the rich man and Lazarus in the Bible. The rich man had opportunity while he was alive but he denied the opportunity. While in hell he wished he had received Christ but it was too late for him. Don’t be like the rich man who rejected the love of Christ Jesus and ended in hell. Your life is in your decision making, not in the hands of any man anywhere. Jesus is life to you. Don’t allow religion to make you end in hell. Jesus is the ONLY TRUE GOD that is alive. All other gods are dead, and are stunk. Jesus is life and light to this world.


Look at His words here to you, look at what Jesus said: …


“The Son of Man came down from heaven. Nobody else has gone up to heaven except him. Long ago Moses lifted up the metal snake in the wilderness to save his people. In the same way, people must lift up the Son of Man on a cross. As a result, everyone who believes him will be able to live forever with God. God loved the people in the world so much that he gave his one and only Son on their behalf. So, as a result, everyone who believes in the Son will not die. Instead, they will live forever with God.’ God did not send his Son into the world because he wanted to punish people. He sent his Son to save the people in the world from punishment. “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”

[John 3:13-19]


So many today are still rejecting the One Who came to save them. It’s a dangerous risk. It’s life at risk. Don’t be one among them. Receive His love for you today. Now is the best time to receive Jesus into your heart. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow will be too late.


Don’t be like the ‘foolish criminal’ that was on the Cross with Jesus who had the opportunity (privilege) of receiving Christ’s love but rather he chose to mock Jesus and died without receiving the Free Gift of God to him. Oh! What an unused opportunity. Don’t miss such opportunity now. The other criminal on the Cross acknowledged Jesus and he was saved. You can be saved just by believing in Jesus. It is a terrible experience to die without Jesus. You are not safe until you are saved.


Receive the love of Christ Jesus (Salvation) over your life NOW that you have the opportunity! …


Now pray with me, believe it and confidently say it.


Say, …

Lord Jesus, thank You for dying for me, thank You for coming to save me. I believe you died on the Cross for me, and you were buried, and on the third day you rose from the grave for my justification. Today I am born again; you are my Lord and my Saviour. I am now free. I am now saved, thank You Lord! In Jesus Mighty Name I pray. Amen!


Listen, if you have prayed this prayer, believe that you are saved, God has heard you. You are now His Righteousness in Christ Jesus. You are now His Beloved. It doesn’t matter what you have done in the past. He has forgiven you all your sins. You are now born again. It is because of your sins that He came and died. You are eternally saved. I want you to rejoice knowing fully that now you are a Born Again child of God. God has saved you. You have been delivered from the power of hell. You are now a free man in Christ Jesus. Rejoice!


Thank you and God bless you. I am deeply happy for you. Heaven is celebrating you for making this decision. You have made the best decision of your life. The best thing that could ever happen to a man is for that man to be born again. Nothing is greater than being born again. You are putting now the very life of God on your inside. Rejoice!

I encourage you to stay with God’s Word, with time you will understand what has fully happened to you. You are now a Brand New Man in Christ Jesus.


Peace to you. Thank you. Grace to live for God is upon you. You are blessed.


Apostle John Atsukpe is a vibrant Minister of the gospel of Christ who is fearlessly reaching it against all odds. In case you want to reach out to him, please write to us at, or and you would be linked up.


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