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I have a lot of burden and it is tearing me apart and because of that, I decided to put this up. This is a hard truth and I don’t care whose ox is gored, truth must be told.

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I don’t really understand the type of ministers we have today, and that makes me to ask this question, “Who is on the Lord’s Side?” this question is very paramount to the subject of discussion. In this evil generation, there is no sitting on the fence, it is either you are on the Lord’s side or you are on the devil’s side. Choose where you belong. You can’t remain politically correct at this time that the church is passing through perils and heavy trials simply because you don’t want to offend your friends who are in government. Is either you are for Christ or for the devil; and if you are not defending Christ, then you are silently defending the devil.


If you as a minister continue to maintain silence in the midst of these evils going on in this country, then it is very unfortunate, and as far as I am concerned, you are not a christian let alone a minister of the gospel but instead, you are a minister of the devil. If you don’t speak up, be rest assured, the Lord God himself will raise voices that will speak up for him, voices that have never been heard or even the ones you may hear and despise. They will be relevant but you will soon become irrelevant for God is not a respecter of persons.


I speak because of the rate of kidnappings going on in our churches of late and you hardly hear ministers speak up to the government. Some do so because they don’t want to offend their friends in government but for how long? Is it until when the table turns and you become the victim before you act or speak up? I don’t pray we get to that level but like they say, “A stich in time saves nine.” This saying is true. It is high time for people to begin to speak up and pressure the government to be responsible and live to its responsibilities to avoid more loss of lives and also to avoid civil crises in the country. This is no doubt a form of persecution and the government is complicit in what is happening. I would like to support this claim by the quote from late President Gen. Sani Abacha, in his words, “If insurgency lasts for more than 24 hours, the government has a hand in it” I call this words on marble!


This saying is not only true, but a statement of fact! If not, what stops the government from acting and stopping these terrorists terrorizing the country? This is more than 24 hours, its been six years and counting so what should we now call it? Maybe readers may help us with the name to call this docile and irresponsible act by the political class and indeed by the government.


It is high time for the church to unit with one voice and fight this or we’ll soon go extinct at the expense of the greedy ministers who mingles with politicians and defile themselves with their delicacies. How long are you going to be a sell out? If you condemn Judas Iscariot for selling Jesus then what are you? I don’t care how big you think you are, but if you are not speaking out, you are utterly useless and worthless because you are seeing lives being wasted but because of your selfishness and greed to add to it (Longer throat) in our Nigerian parlance, you choose to look the other way and cannot speak nor cry for your brothers and sisters. I say church, let us begin to speak up.


There was a time in this country where pastors or rather ministers were highly respected but not anymore, why? Because some Ministers have turned themselves into professional or carreer prayer warriors for the politicians and in the end they smile to the bank with Ghana Must Go (GMG). The most shameful is the fact that, pastors will assemble themselves and go to variuos governments houses and when they are given money, they will be fighting shamelessly over it. How do you expect them to respect you?  But I believe if the church can wake up to it’s responsibilties and start speaking and shun greed and selfishness, it will be better for us. One thing we must understand is that when the country is bad, we are the cause because Jesus says, “You are the salt of the earth.” Of what use then is a salt if it has no taste? Be the change you desire, make a difference and stand up for the church. There wouldn’t be need for the question “Who is on the Lord’s side?” if we are doing the right thing.


On a final note, I hope and pray that this message will get to the right people to effect change. Please, pastors should stop following politicians about like thugs. I am not saying when they need our advice don’t give them, but I am saying, distance yourself and that will earn you respect. There is a quote by Apostle Johnson Suleman where he said, “Scarcity creates value.” This is very true! When you make yourself scarce, they will surely come looking for you and when that is done, you will surely be respected. Watch out and don’t be like Balaam. I come in peace!



Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author