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For some time now I have not been able to bring to you our #Guest_of_the_Week, due to some issues and other programmes, however, I am happy today to announce that the programme is back! On today’s Guest of the Week, I bring to you someone who loves God deeply, someone who understands the depth of the message of grace and not mixing it with law. She shares an insight into the Old and the New Testament. It is important for a believer to come to this understanding else, you will just be wallowing in the dark doing religion. How I wish pastors will come to terms with this and teach their congregation “till we all come to maturity”.


I hereby introduce to you my dear sister Prudence Hannnah Ucheh bringing the word of life. I encourage you to follow this message tenaciously and be blessed. She is a minister of the gospel, blessing souls through songs and preaching the word.



One of the diseases plaguing the current Church is her inability to differentiate between the Old Testament and the New Testament man!

Before the coming of Christ, man needed to keep himself in God’s good books, in order not to incur His wrath or so he thought. So it was about keeping the laws and performing rituals upon rituals.

In the first place, God is not power intoxicated, sitting in heaven and watching to strike whoever disobeys Him like we were told. The whole idea of creation was conceived in love and that has never changed. God is love and won’t change because of what we do or not. Adam’s creation was His idea, Adam’s redemption was His idea as well. He is always well meaning, carefully planning out and even making provisions for atonement, way before anything went wrong. Nothing changes Him, nothing changes His nature. All He does is in and through love.

Even the law was to show man how much He loves Him and wants to have him close to Himself at all times. He never needed those sacrifices in the first place. Those measures were put in place for man, just to bring him to that happy place of knowing God is not angry with Him, but pleased. I mean, won’t it be ridiculous to think that God sits in heaven, waiting patiently to inhale the smoke coming from a barbeque? Common! Those laws were to appeal to man’s conscience. To help him feel good towards himself and God, feeling that after he had performed the rituals, God was no longer angry with him. That negative believe towards God is the actual killer you know, not even the action or repercussion.


The law was not given to man in order for him to struggle to fulfill them, but for him to see his inability to please God, see his frailty and turn back to God for help. There was a higher propellant; there was a higher force; there was a higher cause; – Christ! Only one man could fulfill the law. Only in one man could God be pleased and satisfied. God couldn’t be pleased by man’s efforts. Those bulls and rams couldn’t do the job. (Isaiah 1:11, Hebrews 10:4). It was meant for a cause, that man gets to see Christ! Unfortunately, he wasn’t smart enough to see that God was pointing Him to Christ.


If the eyes of your understanding have been opened, you should have seen that all through the Old Testament, God kept pointing His people to Christ, in types and in shadows. Every story in the Old Testament has either a semblance with Christ’s or is a direct pointer to Christ. So it has been all about Christ from the inception and not about rules, laws and rituals.


If you don’t get to see Christ, you can never understand the scriptures. You won’t be able to understand the Old Testament without seeing Christ in there, least of all the New Testament. Little wonder, people keep bragging about reading the Bible back to back, but they have zero understanding of what the scriptures is. It is all about Christ.


Right from the Garden of Eden, till even the end of the age to come, it is about Christ. He alone is The Alpha and The Omega, the Beginning and the End, The First and the Last, The Yeah and Amen. And like my pastor would say, “He is the opening sentence and the closing sentence”. You can’t add anything to Him. If you do, you will SURELY miss it.



If He can’t handle it, in fact if He hasn’t handled it, it simply can’t be handled. Get that straight!


Now, in putting a demarcation between the old and the new man:


You need to understand that the law has been COMPLETELY fulfilled in Christ! There’s nothing more to be done. IT IS FINISHED! All of it is done! God now sees you perfect, in Christ. When He looks at you, He doesn’t see you, He sees Christ. And since Christ has paid the ultimate price, it doesn’t matter how many times you miss it, as long as you have your eyes fixed on Christ and not your ability to rise back when you fall, NOT ON YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES, God still sees you perfect. So both past, present and future sins are completely wiped off.  You can’t even have your eyes on the spotless Lamb of God and still live in sin. Never possible! Whoever is born of God does not sin. The old is gone, the new has come.



The Old Testament is only there for you to study and understand the New Testament better and to live in the now. You have no business at all living in the old era.

“I have to DO this in order for this to happen” has no place in the New Testament. You can only BE in this new life.


The life after the cross is for living, not for doing. And in living, all you need do is:


  1. Believe! Believe!! Believe!!! (don’t doubt, you can’t live in doubt and make progress here).

You need to understand that God sees you perfect in Christ already. It is just your mind that tells you otherwise and what do you do in order to handle that, listen to the voice of the Father above every other voice “Hearing and hearing the Word”. Study, eat, chew, regurgitate, swallow, meditate on the Word (Christ) and the Word alone.


  1. Accept (take personal ownership)


  1. Seek to understand (that the eyes of my understanding be opened to this reality).

In fact, I recommend that the very next thing for anyone to do immediately they receive Christ into their lives is to seek understanding personally. Go on this journey, it is such an amazing adventure.


  1. Study the Word. (Spend time studying your new life). Note that it is in the epistles you get to truly understand this life. That is where the scripture breaks it down to our chewable bites.


  1. Understand that without the help of The Holy Spirit, you will remain blinded by religion forever, so constantly ask and seek His help to understand and to live.


Grace be multiplied!

To be continued…



Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author