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On the state of the nation, a concerned citizen has bared his mind on what is going on in the country and proferred solutions to the on-going crises in order to avoid a total collapse of the nation at a whole. Whether the state actors will take this seriously swallowing their pride and accept the fact that they are complicit in the evils happening in the country is a matter for them to decide, but citizens will keep on airing their views on the issues as it concerns them.


By: Comrade Musa Ali Maishanu.

Note: I do not own the right to this Photograph


Since the state has resorted to terrorism through State terrorism while, the citizens have become agents of Vigilante and religious terrorisms. Unfortunately, the State of terror activity in Nigeria especially on the issue of reactionary terrorism or extreme insurgency is/are not the only problems stabbing our country to death rather, there are many social problems. But at present, I will make an emphasis on the following menaces:


  1. State Terrorism. Whereby a government applies violence against its own citizens (e.g., Federal Government and Kaduna State government against Shiites, Federal Government of Nigeria against #EndSars Protesters, agitators of Biafra in Nigeria and Nazis against Jews during World War II).


  1. Vigilante Terrorism. Involves Citizens victimizing other citizens (e.g., KKK, Muslims travelers’ massacre in Jos and other cases of killings of Christians in Nigeria by Muslims or by any tribal group against other group for hostilities in Nigeria).


  1. Religious Terrorism: That acts in the name of God (i.e., Taliban in Afghanistan, Boko-haram and other reactionary groups in Nigeria)


Note: I do not own the right to this Photograph


Finally, even if we tackle the second item and the last item. Still, we have a major problem to deal with. Because the first item is another social problem confronting our country. Our opportunity to conquer with the problems on ground is heavily dependent on the day we have a government that doesn’t benefit from terrorism and insurgency. Because a government that believes in State Terrorism can never play any role in addressing the forms of insurgency and terrorism.


Disclaimer! Views expressed here are the exclusive opinion of the writer, please take note!

Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author