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This is to introduce to you Superlife, a Multi-Level Marketing company changing lives not only in Nigeria but in the world. For about four years now, many people have been pulled from poverty thanks to Superlife who is there to ensure that happens. Testimonies abound to this effect as there are many young men and women whose lives had changed from zero to hero. The beautiful thing about superlife is that, though it has products, but you don’t have to sell products to earn points. You want to know how? Then wait for the Numan in Adamawa State Nigeria Seminar where we will explain to you how superlife can change your life and cause you to earn money while you sleep.

Numan is getting ready for superlife this week! It it the landing pad where we will launch through the whole of Adamawa State and beyond. You can’t afford to miss this. Get ready to attend this seminar as there is no time!


One good thing about Superlife is that, aside the fact that it brings you out of poverty, it also comes with health because of it’s products. The products were made out of Stem cell which are very potent against critical diseases ensuring that you live a healthy life. You are not only gaining wealth, you are also gaining health; as is popularly said, “Health is Wealth.”


We are opening an office in Adamawa State that is why we are launching this campaign to create awareness of the good things coming to the state. So get ready to attend this Life changing Seminar which will take place in Truth Foundation Ministries Grace Cathedral Numan, in Adamawa State, Nigeria. Check the flyer for details of the seminar.

Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author