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Day 1

So for some few days now I had been having some funny encounters and I kind of enjoyed myself.

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If you’re interested to know more just follow me along.
So as usual some people sent me friend requests and I accepted because I did unfriend some people so I could have space to accommodate new friends, and all of a sudden, I saw a notification from my inbox, so I quickly went in to check and lo it was greetings from the new friends. Having responded, they asked me some questions about my personal life and I did answered them while they told me about theirs. I knew all along who I was chatting with but I played along to enjoy some game and to show them that there are those that know about their antics.


The first woman (So called) told me she is a widow and that she has a daughter and therefore looking for a man who will marry her, so she threw the invitation open and whether I could come over to her country, I told her that I am happily married with kids but she (he) kept persisting and I continually reminded the person that I am married and I love my family but obviously this person doesn’t want to give up. While this was going on I reasoned within me and then said to myself, what kind of woman will meet you today and propose to you without any further acquaintance? Don’t forget, this is not the first time I am encountering them. So I decided to play along. She asked can I come over to her country? I quickly replied her for schooling or for work? (I wan go abroad na! Lol!) She replied to start business and I said why not? Then she began to proclaim her love for me and saying all manner of things, I just played along because I knew how and where it’ll end. This is the end of Day 1, follow this page for the continuation and other tips that will be continued in the next episode!


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Day 2
On the second day of our conversation she requested (by now you would have known who I was referring to) for video call and asked if by any means I have a Mac book, and I told her I don’t have it, she asked what of iphone? I said I don’t have it: She then asked, what if she send it to my, would I be able to receive it in my country? I said, why not? She said I should send her my details and that she will send the items i.e. both the Mac Book and the iphone, so I sent the details and thanked her, by this time I already knew what was coming but then I prepared myself. Now before I continue I would like to put down some questions here for you to think about because I am sure many of you may have come across such kinds of people.


 How is it that from just meeting on social media immediately someone you are meeting for the very first will invite you to his or her country?
 How is it that somebody will just trust you with vital items like Mac book and iphone and even claim to stuff money inside the gifts without doing anything?
 Most times they will claim that they stuff money into those items they are sending to you and then ask you to either pay for the clearance of the items or they will tell you they drop it in a different city from where you are and would ask you to pay for transportation. Why would they stuff money in that box as against sending it either by Money transfer, Western union etc?


So I kept entertaining myself with their gimmicks and sometimes as I type on the keyboard, I would chuckle and shake my head. After everything I got a message that it is done and that my items have been brought! Waw! I said to myself perfect! While this was going on, she snapped herself while in the airport and every process of sending the goods to me including video of the Mac book and the iphone to prove to me that it is real, so I thanked her for her kind gesture even though I had asked her earlier not to bother and I insisted we do WhatsApp video call but she refused. Having sent me those pictures, she told me that “She can’t wait to see me” and I laugh again over and over.


In all these, there was a “But” which I was already anticipating. She said there was a problem, and that the agency don’t accept local currency, neither do they accept cash, but that I shouldn’t worry, that she had stuffed dollars in the box with pictorial evidence and that I shouldn’t tell them that there is money inside and that its up to $2,000,000 us dollars! (Like seriously?) for someone you have never met even once? So I pretended to appreciate her for her kind gesture and even added “God bless you”. After everything, I then put forth some questions to her. First, I reminded her that I am a Nigerian and I know how these things work. Then I asked her, why would she stuff money in that carton as against using more better and guaranteed means? And why couldn’t she pay them from the money she was sending to me since they don’t accept local currency? I told her that If I have to pay before I collect those items, let her kindly retrieve them and that I am no more interested Boom!!!!! You know what I saw next? Waka!!! (laugh)


I laughed so hard and uncontrollably. Lo and behold, it wasn’t a she; it was a he pretending to be a she.


That is how the guy disappeared but that is not the end. Follow me in the next episode because I intend that at the end of everything I will now talk on how you can prevent your account from all these juvenile and amateur hackers. See you in the next episode!

Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author