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I feel it very necessary to share this with you here. A lot of people have been crying because their accounts are being hacked either on facebook or other social media platforms. The most prominent are facebook and WhatsApp, but all these are happening simply because many people are not informed. A wise man says, “if you are not informed you will be deformed.”  This saying sadly is true, because lack of information brings about deformation. And we have so many criminal elements who are leveraging on the ignorance of people to keep hacking their accounts. What I intend to do here is to share with you how you can avoid that and also protect your accounts as the owners of these platforms had come up with ways you can protect your accounts.


I am writing this because I get calls all the time about hacking accounts and I do see how many people keep lamenting over the issue, sadly, some of these accounts are being used for fraudulent purposes and that to some extent tells on the integrity of the owner because people would hardly know that he or she is not the one. It dents image a lot.



Now to the point. Yesterday I had an experience with a scammer who tried to hack my facebook account using my friend’s account that he hacked. He sent me message and requested for my phone number, knowing who he was, I did not doubt a bit because this is somebody I know very well so I obliged and send two of my numbers, having done that, he now sent me message that he did a reset with my phone number and that somebody was trying to hack his account so he had to use my number to do a reset and that I should help him and send him the verification code which has already been sent to my phone. At first I was confused, then later picked up courage and replied that not until I confirm. He replied again with smileys crying that I should please help him. I asked him to go to his email and reset his password; which he replied that it didn’t work, so he kept begging me pleading to help him, I told him that I am sorry I cannot help him on this one, then I send him the last message and said he should call me and that was the end of the conversation.

Find below my conversation with the scammer:

My chat with the hacker

Now can you see how these scammers do hack people’s accounts? What do you think would have happened if I had obliged and send that code? My account would have been gone! I would have lost my precious account because of sentiment that he should not feel offended not knowing that is an impostor. I later went ahead to verify it was then I discovered that his account was actually hacked. So I was talking to an impostor all along.


Another one is for WhasApp group. Someone would just call you and ask you of a seminar, webinar or whatsApp meeting that you are not aware of, then he will tell you that they had sent a code to your line that you should send it to them in order to use it to register you. If you dare send the code, kiss your whatsApp goodbye



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I am therefore putting up this write up here to warn people, please never surrender your verification code to anyone, I mean ANYONE!

I believe this message would help someone. Please let me know it this message has helped you, drop it in the comment section.


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Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author