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The rate at which people are killed in this country is very alarming, and the most disturbing fact is the levity with which our leaders handles the issues. So far in Nigeria, there is hardly anywhere that does not have a taste of the senseless killings. Nigerians are being killed for no just reason whatsoever, while others are killed because of where they belong i.e. religion, political affiliation or ethnic nationality. Southern Kaduna has had too much of blood of their husbands, mothers, children spilled while in their sleep for a crime they have not committed, and there seems to be no end in sight.

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The very recent is Plateau that is on the spotlight. It started with the unfortunate killing of villagers and burning of villages in full glare of security forces with no single attempt to stop it. To the killing of alleged travelers (even though that is the story the government would want us to believe). This story of the alleged travelers is something I would not like to discuss at the moment; that would be for another day.


But this killing has attracted wide condemnation from prominent Nigerians in every quarter, from the presidency, Sultan of Sokoto, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, CAN, JNI and other prominent Nigerians. Some Islamic clerics are already threatening fire and brimstone. Sheik Dahiru Bauchi has threatened reprisal in that regard, he has even gone ahead to call the governor of Plateau State to threaten the state and nothing has been done because first class citizens have been killed. The shocking thing there is that, after that threat from Sheik Dahiru Bauchi, the President received him in Aso Rock Villa. It will interest my readers to know that at this time, the DSS did not hear of the threat, nor the Police or the military; all of them went mum. For a cleric of that caliber to make such outrageous life threatening hate speech and no security blink is a serious matter of concern.


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Are they telling us there are sacred cows? In a secular nation where everybody is supposed to be equal in the eye of the law this is happening or is there something they have been hiding from us? Something they are not really telling us. Because in a sane country, that preacher is supposed to be arrested, but NO! He was received by the President and Commander in Chief and nothing has been heard about it. And yet we say we have a secular country! What a shame!


Many years before now, we have read and heard some people say a lot of things about making other people second class citizens, and whenever we amply these messages, they will say, we are promoting hate speech and bringing division among the people, but had it been those things are not happening right now, they would have been justified and we would have been the culprits. But when you see so much denial in the midst of what is happening, you can’t but to ask, what is happening? But the case of Jos is becoming an issue that need to be given serious attention. The state actors must have the political will to stop all these incessant and senseless killings under whatever guise before we are all engulfed in it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the right to this Photograph

I remember seeing a video of the corpses that were taken to the government house. Actually, I was on my way to Adamawa State when I met the protesters with the corpses coming out of the State Assembly and heading to the government house to air their grievances to the government and send a strong message. But the cowardly thing the government could do was to send a large contingent of security personnel to block them from entering the government house. I remember in that video the one recording it asked a question, “If there is this much security in the land, then why are they not protecting the citizens?”  And he was right! Where were the security personnel that people were mercilessly butchered?


It seems to me that there is a lot of conspiracy between the government and the terrorists who take delight in killing innocent Nigerians because a government that has the people at heart can never watch people being killed and do nothing about it. The funny thing is that up till now, no one has been arrested. They will come, kill for hours, burn villages and disappear into thin air and the security does nothing about it, but when people rise to defend themselves, the government swings into action. If this is not conspiracy, then tell me, what is it?


Jos, is a very strategic location owing to the fact that people traveling from north east must pass through especially when going to Abuja, Kogi or even Lagos State. In most cases travelers are trapped in the web of these crises and many lives are usually lost just like last week people were killed on their way heading to Jos with Luxurious busses and the busses were burnt down completely. So if these crises continue, a lot of lives will be lost because there will be killings and reprisals and there won’t be end in sight.

Disclaimer: I do not own the right to this Photograph

The matter now rests with the government whether there is any end in sight concerning the killings going on, but in a sane clime the government ought to resign for abdicating its responsibility of securing lives and property. The government should quit lamenting and swing into action and take necessary steps in ensuring there is peace in Plateau and indeed every part of Nigeria. And if they cannot, then the most honourable thing to do at the moment is to resign. Just like they say, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.


The conclusion of this matter is that, if the government is indeed serious about brokering peace in not only plateau but in the whole of the country, they know what to do. They should quit politicking and start governing. Yes they are politicians, and the reason they are politicians is so that when they are elected, they will govern. Time for politicking is over; it is now time to govern, is that too much to ask? I don’t think it is too much to ask because for you to say you want to govern you already know there are challenges to deal with, but if you feel you cannot handle the challenges, kindly step aside and allow competent people to do it.


In essence I am saying, if these issues are not handled properly, even they themselves won’t be spared because time is coming, even their securities can’t protect them from the wrath of the people. How many are the security agents all over Nigeria as opposed to the large number of Nigerians? All I am saying is that, time is coming when Nigerians will be tired of being killed, tired of being lied to by politicians, being tired of being deceived under the cloak of religion and come together and rise against the political class, and when this happens, then there won’t be hiding place; not even their bullet proof cars can help them nor running abroad to get shelter. To be forewarned is to be forearmed

Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author