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The recent killing of 22 Fulanis in Jos has sparked a lot of controversies and condemnation from various quarters including JNI, CAN, Presidency and other individuals. It has generated a lot of heat so much so that it has become a one sided report. it is obvious the government and the press had decided on what they want people to hear. But while all these were going on, I made sure I follow the events closely. I have seen a lot of write ups conflicting one another and having filtered them I decided that the world deserve to know the truth. This very report (was sent to me) has to an extent agreed with a lot of reports that I have seen so far other than what the government and the press were reporting. Let me be clear that no one is in support of the killings under whatever guise and as such it stands condemned.

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Kindly follow this report and then decide what to believe, but all these issues lies at the table of the government, and it is very important that they nib this in the bud before it becomes too late. We are getting to a point that we feel the government whether by omission or commission has abdicated their responsibility of securing lives and property leaving the citizens on their own and in the hands of bandits and terrorists. But it is time to wake up from the long slumber and act before we are all consumed. may God bring us lasting peace in the country!

Saturday morning was a black day in plateau state where Fulanis were  attacked along Rukuba road.  23 were said to be killed, 22 wounded and 26 rescued, according to a report imposing curfew in 3 local governments of the state by the governor Rt. Hon. Barr. Simon Lalong.


Two weeks before the attack, Miango communities were attacked by Fulanis for four straight days were 78 people were reportedly killed, hundreds of people displaced and houses burnt down. It will interest you to know that Miango is just 10-15 minutes drive from the military barracks at Rukuba, Bassa local government area.  The military couldn’t do enough to protect the people or chase their attackers. The continued attack on the community for four straight days said it all.


Youths along Gada Biyu and Rukuba road were saddened and displeased by the development. Last week, they launched an attack on travelers where 2 trucks were burnt down. Although I can not ascertain the fact, cos the next morning I went early to the scene of the attack and couldn’t see any remains of a burnt truck.

It is expected to see heavy security checks and military vans patrolling in nooks and crannies of the state. Alas, it was business as usual.


The attacked Fulanis were said to be traveling from Bauchi to Ondo that faithful Saturday. It is questionable how a person travelling from Bauchi to Ondo would go through Rukuba road. Infact, you must be gifted in loosing ways to have lose your way and be on Rukuba road. Rukuba road does not have any connect to Bauchi, zaria or Abuja road. It only leads to Rukuba barracks, Bassa and Miango (where 78 persons were killed and their burial was to take place that saturday). It is therefore fallacious, ridiculous and unbelievable that commuters could ply Rukuba road to travel to Ondo.


Two theories could be deduced about these travelers.

  1. They could be innocent travelers travelling to a destination who only God knows
  2. They could be hired Fulani jihadists.

I leave this for the security agencies to find out the truth.

If the first theory is true, it is unfortunate that they fell into the hands of angrily aggrieved Miango youths on Rukuba road, who seeing Fulani’s they launched a vengeful revenge.


Whatever the case, the killings in plateau is as a result of remorseless attitude of the Federal and state governments. If security agencies acted promptly and at the nick of time, both the killings on Rukuba road and Miango would have been prevented. They might have done their best, their best wasn’t just good enough.


It is incumbent on leaders to secure and protect all lives and properties. Fulanis, Hausas, Igbos, Yorubas and all tribes shouldn’t be segregated. We are all people and need one another to coexist. It is a duty on our leaders to provide us with a conducive environment to live together. I call on the Federal government and the plateau state government to go back to the drawing board and figure out what needs to be done to ensure lasting peace in Plateau and the nation at large.


May the Lord bless Nigeria and grant us a lasting peace where we will be our brothers keeper.

Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author