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In 2019 when I wrote on the bad state of the buildings in Government Technical College, Government Secondary School and Best Centre Numan in Adamawa State, I had no idea I will write on this subject. But it appears the need is there to raise my voice because of the horrible state that the office is in.


I went to Numan LEA (Local Government Education Authority), and it was an eye sore. My heart bled because of the dilapidated structures I saw. I was moved and had to discuss with the Education Secretary and some of the staff of the LEA, and I got to understand that since they moved into the secretariat, no major or minor repairs were ever done and as such, the buildings are in bad shape. It will surprise you to know that most of those offices are still in use till date.


I went into the account section, some part of the roof are blown up, the toilet was another eye sore, no roof and I really wonder how they work especially when it rains. When I was told that the roof leaks I thought it was something minor not until I Saw it myself, and it gives me concern that human beings still use the place to work. I had to go round the secretariat to see how bad the place is and it is so bad that I was ashamed that there is government in place and these buildings are abandoned to collapse, more worse is the fact that people are occupying those offices; how do we expect them to work optimally with that kind of condition?

Accounts Section

Toilet in the Account Section

If we indeed need productivity, I feel there is serious need to put those structures in order and make the work environment conducive to the workers and visitors as well. Even health wise, the place need to be in order because a healthy environment breeds healthy people, it also ensure productivity because when a place is unkempt, you can hardly think straight as to do any meaningful work. And let’s not forget, this is the place that houses all the primary schools in the local government area, the very foundation of education. If something goes wrong here it automatically affects the primary education which ultimately affects the secondary education too.

Reception of the Numan LEA

The point I am trying to make here is that, the Numan Local Government Education Authority (LEA) needs urgent attention as the place is not habitable to humans and it is a crying shame to leave it dilapidated while humans work under such unhealthy conditions; it definitely has adverse effects on the education system.


I therefore call on the government, Numan Local Government in particular as this is under your jurisdiction to look into these concerns with a view to give the place a befitting look. This will boost the morale of the workers and it will also add beauty to the town and also shows that we have education at heart. In addition to this, I call on well meaning individuals, Non-Governmental-Organizations and Corporate Organizations to please partner with the government in ensuring that these structures are fixed as we don’t have any other place than this, should we allow it collapse? Let us join our hands and indeed all hands should be on deck in order to see to it that the dilapidated structures are at least put in place since we are not close to building new ones at least we can maintain the few ones that we have.

Female Toilet LEA Numan


One thing is sure, as we do this; we are encouraging education for the future. The future of our young ones that they may have conducive atmosphere to learn and Improve the society. I end this with a clarion call to all those that matter, those who have the heart for progress, for education of our children to please do the needful and I hope this plea won’t fall into deaf ears. Numan Local Government too can partner with the state government to achieve this I strongly believe.











Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author