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It is not secret the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) has been at logger heads with the Federal Government of Nigeria over what they felt like neglect of the health sector and other issues that affect them ranging from their security, welfare and resources to work with. Over the years the government has neglected the health sector to the point that successive government comes and continue with it as if it is a project.


It is important to state here that, most of these leaders who seem to abandon the health sector at the moment were the ones that enjoyed it the most in their days, and having enjoyed almost free medical care, rose to power only to turn their backs on the same sector that sustained them over the years. It is akin to a man that climbs a ladder and having reached the top, decided to destroy the ladder so that no one could come up. This is the sad reality that we found ourselves today in Nigeria.

These issues have been lingering long before this administration as there seem to be no end in sight; but during the campaign of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, he categorically stated that he will stop what he called, “Medical tourism”. He promised that he will ban all government officials from seeking medical care abroad. Nigerians believed him hook line and sinker believing that he has the political will to change things around so they rallied around him to actualize this dream of where leaders will have to their medical checkups, and get treated in the country, alas! Nigerians were in for a shock of their lives. All said and done he was sworn in 2015 and whether anything had changed, we are about to find out.

Today, we have woken up with another strike by the Resident Medical Doctors on the same issues which the government has been unable to take care of while the President is already in UK for his medical care. For me, it has to do with responsibility. A responsible leader would never do such a thing. Doctors are owed salaries, their allowances are not being paid, they also work in harsh working conditions. In some places doctors work almost round the clock; at times it would be 1 doctor to 1000 people, how do we expect to be healthy in a country where medical personnel are grossly neglected? For a man who promised to abolish medical tourism to become the Chief Tourism officer is an act of irresponsibility.

You would recall that some months back they had gone on warning strike on the same issue and on the very same day the president jetted out to take care of his health while citizens were dying here. It took Nigerians in Diaspora protests before the president returned back to the country, only for the government to lure them into call off the strike promising to look into the issues with a view to resolving them and turn again to renege on their promises. What irresponsibility! It is a callous and insensitive behavior coming from leaders whom the country had given so much yet paying the same country with poison.


It is high time Nigerians take their destiny in their hands and start rejecting these irresponsible politicians by ensuring that they are voted out massively. Even in their campaigns they should be outrightly rejected. Can we borrow a leaf from what Ghana Youths did by rejecting rice offered to them by politicians. I think it is high time we rise to the occasion by rejecting these failed leaders only then we will have peace in this country but until then, our suffering continues.

Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author