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I am moved to write this because the last time I was home I went round some of the schools we have back home as is my tradition each time I am home. I was able to hear a lot of things. To be candid, most of them were not palatable especially regarding some of our teachers. Each time I travel home I used to go to schools, take photographs and put some write ups down then upload online making advocacy because I feel it is an obligation for me to do. Why so? Because I know the value of education. I also know how the schools shaped and mold my life to what I am today. So how can I forget in a hurry institutions that shaped and mold my life for good?

The matter at hand is a very serious one even though some may think it is not but to me, it is a very serious issue. To them, they are looking at now even though the negative effects are staring them in the face which they dismiss with the wave of hand, but to me, I look at 10 to 20 years after, what becomes of the education of our children.

Reception of the Numan LEA

Before I hit the nail on the head, let me say this very important fact, the problem we have in Nigeria is not corruption as some may want us to believe. I am going to talk more elaborately on that in another article; but I have to mention this here that “Corruption is not our Problem.” Someone may ask, “what then is our problem if not corruption?” Our problem in Nigeria as a country is simply lack of ‘PATRIOTISM’. Yes, you heard me! Lack of Patriotism is our major problem, and it is either our leaders knows this and are shying away from the truth trying to play politics with it or they are completely ignorant of this fact. But if we admit that we lack patriotism and settle the matter, corruption will die a natural death.




Now like I said, I heard a lot of things that are happening especially in the primary education sector which is heartbreaking that some teachers that were deployed to the villages abandon their duty posts and came back to town and reside there leaving their responsibility to only God knows who. These unpatriotic citizens are only concerned about their comfort and not the future of these young ones and indeed all of us. They are not just unpatriotic, but they are evil and wicked, eating their tomorrow today. These people never one day declined to collect their pay   and would complain if salary delays even go on strike for doing nothing than depriving our children, our future from the education they were employed to give.



I was reliably informed by my sources that in some schools, you will see only one teacher and you wonder where are the remaining teachers. Or is it that government now sends only one teacher in a whole school? I kinda wonder, how could somebody pick his credentials to look for a teaching job knowing fully well that he could be sent anywhere to teach, and having gotten the job, he now refuses to go to his place of assignment only to remain in his place of comfort? How can they be this insensitive? Are they not considering the children’s future? This is why I believe and have been saying that our problem in this country is not corruption but un-patriotism.


And it is unjustifiable for them to be collecting salary for a work they don’t do. As a matter of fact, they should be made to return all the monies they collected in the name of salary because they are not doing the job and better still, they should give way to others who are ever willing to do the job.  Therefore the authorities concerned should take appropriate measure to ensure this lackadaisical attitude is brought to an end with a view to saving the next generation if not we are in a big mess. It is bad enough that you will visit some schools and they have no furniture as pupils sit on the ground, it is even worse that teachers who should know the value of education are evading going to their various places of assignments for reasons best known to them. There are those also who will use the opportunity and be going to their farms neglecting why they are there, all these are serious offences that the authorities concerned should take serious measures to curtail.


Education of children should be taken seriously by all and sundry. The Local government under whose authority the LEA is should as a matter of seriousness handle this matter to save posterity. In a nutshell, everybody’s hands should be on deck because all are stake holders else we have serious crises ahead of us.


There are a lot of things happening around us which should serve as a big lesson to us. One of which is “Boko Haram”. I believe we can learn a big lesson from this seeing that most of them were not educated and I also believe we don’t want to have this kind of situation in our hands hence education should be taken very seriously and also encouraged.


I want to still use this opportunity to remind the Various Local Government authorities that the LEA (Local Government Education Authority) is under their jurisdiction and therefore, it behooves on them to live to their expectation. Even if this is the only thing they do at the moment will go a long way to salvage the situation.


A call also to job seekers, if you know that you are not ready to work, don’t go seeking for job that if you eventually get, you can’t be faithful to do it. Such an attitude destroys the society which you are part of. And remember, an uneducated society is an unhealthy society. We need to put this straight so we understand ourselves clearly. Let me ask you, that attitude you are displaying is at whose expense? Have you no sense to reason that this is going to destroy our future?


Finally on this, I have spoken to various authorities concerned in this sector and I have been told the steps taken to check mate these behaviours but I still say they need to do more by sending in more supervisors or rather inspectors randomly. Let it be as surprise visits, and also I think the various Educations Secretaries need to sometimes do the inspection themselves by giving them surprise visits, this I believe will help and reducing the nonchalant attitude in no small way or even stopping it completely. If we must play with anything, we must never play with the education of our children.

Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author