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Disclaimer: I do not own the right to this photograph

I read with much sorrow in my heart the story of the kidnap of 66 worshipers at the Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kakau Daji in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.


According to Punch, “The worshipers were kidnapped when the bandits who came in large numbers invaded the church on October 31, 2021, during service.”


This is very sad! And to think that such n awful thing could happening in this country and the country will still move on still remains a mystery to me and indeed well meaning patriots. How did we end up like this? How come our leader suddenly become numb and aloof of what is happening in the country. How can we be so mean to channel our energy on mere election as opposed to security of lives and property? Of what use is a government if it cannot secure lives? How can a responsible government deploy over 50,000 security personnel to Anambra state just for election as if it is war and leave the citizens vulnerable in the hands of bandits (terrorists). Are we not losing our minds?


Disclaimer: I do not own the right to this photograph

Let me say this, it is the irresponsibility of leadership that brought about all these evils bedevilling our country and the most annoying thing is that they pretend as if nothing is happening. Their hearts have been seared as with a hot iron and that is why they can not feel the pain of the people. No doubt, the Bible was right. Proverbs 29:2 Show me a righteous ruler and I will show you a happy people. Show me a wicked ruler and I will show you a miserable people.(GNT) It is apparently clear that we have wicked men ruling us and that is why the people are so miserable. People have cried and there is no more strength to cry and it is almost becoming a lifestyle. Whenever it happens, we cry and lament and soon forget and life goes on. The question is, to what extent are we going to live with this or tolerate this? I think it is high time for Nigerians to wake up and know that these crop of leaders have no country at heart nor the people and find a way of doing away with them especially when it comes to elections. The people should Out rightly reject them with so much disdain until they learn their lesson. What they fail to understand is that, without the people they will be nothing. It is time for the people to claim their rights and put these irresponsible crop of leaders where they belong.


And if you are a minister of the gospel and a responsible citizen and you keep quiet without condemning this evil act and you still hobnob with these vampires and vultures, then you share in their evil and iniquity; be rest assured, you shall reap in their reward and so shall it be. Did I say so? No, the good book, the Bible said so, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7 (KJV)  Therefore, be it known to you this day, that whatever you sow today, you will certainly reap it no matter how long it takes. How can ministers keep quiet in the midst of all these heinous crimes? How evil can you be? You not better than the devil. I don’t care who you think you are.


CAN and indeed other religious bodies should go beyond condemning these evils to engaging the government and pressure them to do the right thing or they have no business being there.


I am therefore calling on those ministers who believe they are called by God to shun fear and contain their greed and speak up …..For if you keep quiet at this time, then salvation will arise for the church from somewhere else. I hope you wont be discarded and your memory gone forever due to your selfishness and greed. And it is time to call on the righteous to take over the saddle of leadership in the country if not we will continue to lament and cry yet there can’t be solution. Be the Solution today.

Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author