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A lot has been going on in Nigeria lately that left Nigerians wondering what and how did we get here?

It has been said a number of times that “the Judiciary is the last hope of the common man”, but is this saying true? In this short article, we will examine these facts to see if indeed the Judiciary is the last hope of the common man and how can the judiciary exonerate itself from the many allegations.


I intend for this article to be somehow brief so I am not going to go into details but will just scratch the surface. I will do this by citing a few examples and may be in my next article I will be able to be detailed having gathered more information especially from Nigerians and my readers world over, over what how they feel concerning the judicial system in Nigeria.


The Nigerian judiciary system has been facing a lot of criticisms lately because Nigerians feel that it has aligned with the current government to disenfranchise the citizens. Citizens feel that today in Nigeria, Justice is for sale to the highest bidder. Whether this is true or not, it  is left for Nigerians to say and for the judiciary to proof otherwise. Why do the citizens feel this way? Of course, the answer is obvious, from the various elections to other legal issues. Today in Nigeria, if you don’t have money or you are nt highly connected, you can’t get justice. There are certain cases for instance, you have a problem with someone and he reports you to the police station, the police picks you and lock you up without necessarily questioning you to ascertain the truth of the matter. This is just police station not to talk of our courts. Our courts are becoming notoriously scary because there has not been any system to checkmate what the judges are doing. And the pathetic thing about this whole thing is that, while the judiciary sold its right to the federal government, it has not been immune to the regime’s assault. The question is, to what end?


Now to the few examples: Politically if you are connected or you have resources in Nigeria, you can buy any judge of your choice. That being said however does not mean there are clean judges who cannot be bought over. There are a few of them and because they can’t be bought over, they are either removed under fallacious allegations or terrorized. Yes you heard me right! Terrorized. Few examples are Justice Walter Onnoghen who was removed under the disguise of corruption and other fallacious allegations which have not been proven until this day, and I challenge my readers, find out for yourself if Justice Onnoghen has been convicted of any of the allegations labelled against him. And if not, has the federal government apologized to him for the embarrassment? Not yet! And certainly they will never do that. Another example is that of the judges hunted in the dead of the night in Rivers State but for the intervention of Governor Nyesom Wike. Till this moment, nobody has been reprimanded for that rogue behaviour. We have also seen how the DSS entered the court with their weapons and even threaten a judge during the case of Omoyele Sowere. All these are examples that are in the public domain and people can find out for themselves.


Are the politicians not boasting about winning elections? You think it is in vain? No! An African adage says, “when a child challenges you for a fight, know that, his father is behind him.” Of course for some of these politicians to be boasting of winning elections or challenging others and saying even if people vote otherwise, they will go to court and claim the mandate, they definitely know that they can buy their way into the judges’ hearts with their big pockets and secure whatever they need to even though they can’t come close when it comes to pedigree. A case of Imo State is one good example, where someone that came third was announced by ‘THE SUPREME COURT!’ of Nigeria. Unbelievable! Can’t say no more.


Of recent, just day before yesterday the 10th of November 2021 Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was taken to court because of the charges the federal government has against him, but everything that happened in the court was just a sham. Some of his counsels were not even allowed into the court. In fact, one of his lawyers from America Bruce Feign was not allowed into the court, according to him, “Today was the fifth time I was told I could not enter the courtroom despite court’s previous order that Nnamdi could have access to any three persons he wants to.” I had the chance to talk briefly to him on my way to the courtroom. It is clear that I am the target in particular. That’s the reason why this proceeding did not  transpire today.” These were the words of the American lawyer. And this is a national shame to this country. What do you think this man will say about Nigeria? Oh by the way, he said something about Nigeria and it’s notoriety and I am going to drop the comment soon.


How did we get here in the first place? How can the judiciary allow itself to be a pawn in the hands of the executive despite it’s powers? I thought as learned people who understands the knitty gritty of the law can stand it’s grounds and protect it’s image? How on earth did we end up like this? Even in military juntas, we have not seen this cowardly behavior nor this level longer throat according to Nigerian parlance. This is so unfortunate.


While all these are going on, terrorists are allowed to go about their normal business, some are even integrated into the security system but citizens demanding for good governance are being criminalized while the judges are the pawns used to achieved are these ungodly aims.


This is what Mr. Bruce feign said about Nigerian system his words, “I have not seen a country with so much open to notorious lawlessness like Nigeria.

Nigerian courts are highly compromised”


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To call this a national shame is an understatement, it is an international shame, and this is happening under the so called, “Mai Gaskiya”. Now, whether this is true or not, it is left for the judiciary to salvage whatever is left of its image but for now, Nigerians are holding their lenses and watching them.


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Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author