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You don’t have to be big to give, but you give to be big.

It’s not the haves that give but the hearts’.

These sayings are true! A lot of people think that they got to have a lot of money or resources to be able to show some kindness or give, but the answer is No. If you don’t give when you don’t have, never you think that you will give when you eventually have. And contrary to what others think, there are still good Samaritans out there who are showing love and making a difference.

Today’s story is of a great Nigerian who is living his life for humanity giving back to the society. Here is a brief profile of my guest:

Mathias Luka Agbu is a Nigerian-born Author, Engineer, Thinker, Philanthropist, and a Transformational Leader who lives in Houston, Texas-USA.

He is the co-founder of the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation. He holds a Bachelor and Master of Mechanical Engineering degrees from the Federal University of Technology Minna, (Nigeria) and the University of Texas at Arlington (USA). As an experienced Mechanical engineer, he has worked and led major Oil and Gas projects across North America and Africa.

Despite over two decades of sojourning in the USA, Mathias has always maintained a constant connection with his community back in Nigeria. In 2008 he founded the Luka Agbu Memorial Foundation (LAMF). Based in his hometown of Wukari-Taraba State, the Foundation is providing scholarships to orphaned and disadvantaged children and empowering youth as community transformers across Taraba State.

Engr. Mathias story touched my the moment I read it so I sought his permission to put this up here and he quickly obliged and I feel so honoured to share it with you. Here is his story:

New Year Outreach to CRCN DOGON GAWA in Takum – Taraba State.

My wife and I were divinely connected to this church community in 2016. We were privileged by his grace to provide a place of worship for them when we saw that they worship in the open without a building.

My wife Favor Wazota Agbu had a privilege to worship with this church community on January 1, 2017. The stories coming out of this community always moves me to tears.

There is absolutely nothing that gives fulfillment like making a difference however small in the lives of the needy.

We count it a privilege. Thanks to my team and Benjamin O Beckley for your support on this mission.

You can imagine the joy of that little congregation! Foodstuff, clothes and other vital items were taken to them out of the bowels of mercy of this man and his wife just to ease the burden of the community and the little congregation.

The New Church Building

Foodstuff were not left out

One of the important things I want to talk about here also is the fact that unity is paramount. Considering the long and lingering crises between the Tiv and Jukun, this man and his wife took the bold step of reaching out to Tiv Community even to the point of building a church for them. There is a great lesson we can learn from this, and I want to use this medium to call on our brothers the Tiv and Jukun to embrace peace. Let this be the beginning of the end of crises not only in Taraba State but in the entire middle belt. It’s about time we unite and chart a new course.

I really share the joy of giving to humanity by this philanthropist and I agree that “There is absolutely nothing that gives fulfillment like making a difference however small in the lives of the needy.” 

That is the brief account of show of kindness by this humble man as you have read. What is your contribution to humanity? How can you help? Are you still waiting to make it big before you help others? I believe you can partner with him to make this world a better place. You can reach him on or the foundation at or you can write me on, or through all my social media handles. Till I hear from you.

Thank you Engr. Mathias Agbu for being such a blessing to humanity.

Materials being distributed by the Wife of Engr. Mathias Luka Agbu

Congregants pose for a snap shot

Worshipers enjoying God’s presence in their new building Donated by Engr. Mathias and his Wife

Side view of the new church building donated by Engr. Mathias and his wife.

Engr. Mathias and his amiable wife Favor Wazota Agbu

Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author