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Sunday Worship at the Demolished EYN Church Site

Despite the demolition that took place at Moduganari in Borno State by the Borno State, Worshippers converged at the demolished site for worship on Sunday.


Recall that the Borno State government under the aegis of Borno Geographic Information Service has demolished a church and in the process one person has been reportedly killed by the CJTF that resulted in the wide condemnation of the act. It was reported that the BOGIS came to the church area in the morning with a bulldozer without any notice and started demolishing the church already under construction, as the members protested, one of the members of the CJTF aimed at one of those protesting and shot him dead. It was reported that the Governor Professor Babagana Zulum has ordered investigation into the matter.

In my last post (That Church Demolition), I earlier stated that the church cannot be cowed nor intimidated, today, worshippers trooped in droves for worship at the same venue and worshipped. Christianity is not a religion but it is life, lifestyle.  So if anybody anywhere thinks by demolishing a place of worship he is destroying Christianity, then he is deceiving himself.


I salute the courage of my brothers and sisters who against all odds came out to worship under the scorching sun to worship. And while I put this here, we will still be waiting for the outcome of the investigation that is if there is any iota of sincerity in it.

Worshipers at the EYN Demolished Church

But then, let me pose these questions here again. If the governor was not aware of the demolition, who ordered it seeing that it is directly under him? How come there was no prior notice? And if there was no sinister motive, how come the CJTF seized the mobile phones of the worshipers who were recording the event? These and many more questions need to be answered else, there is no way the governor can come out clean. But until then, I will keep my fingers crossed.



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Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author