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Since the saga of the purported arrest and extradition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), I have followed the events and asked myself a lot of questions which some are yet to be answered. I said “Purported arrest” because as far as I am concerned, that is not an arrest but kidnap. It beats my imagination to see how governments would stoop so low as to take crooked measures in order to achieve their aim. Of course I don’t want to go into the legal implication of the matter because I am not an expert in that field but hearing experts speak on the matter, a lay man can clearly see that everything was done shabbily and is quite shameful.

It is very disgusting and shameful that two countries connived to abduct a citizen of another country without due process. The question is, what are they afraid of? Why the hurry to bring him back to Nigeria if they are right with their motives? This has proven that both Nigeria and Kenya are compromised countries in which anything goes. It was after so many backlashes that the Kenyan authorities came out and issued statements claiming they had no hand in the abduction of Kanu. Haba! Such blatant lies!

In this article, I wish to juxtapose between Kenya, Nigeria and Benin Republic. While Benin Republic is a Francophone country, Nigeria and Kenya on the other hand are both Anglophone countries. This tells me that something is wrong with British colonies. If you read this article very well even without going too far you can pick the problem before arriving your destination.

Alright, like I stated earlier, Nigeria connived with Kenya (Both British Colonies) and kidnapped Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and extradited him back to Nigeria to continue his trial. Now the purpose of this write-up is not to defend Nnamdi Kanu but to highlight important facts that we often neglect. Was due process followed in the extradition of Nnamdi Kanu? That should be the matter at the front burner, and I know there are a lot of agencies out there doing their jobs well, I am very much aware that Nigerian security forces have collaboration with other security agencies like Interpol, FBI etc. but did they request the help of these agencies in their bid to arrest Kanu. Absolutely not, they did it the rogue way because both Kenya and Nigeria are lawless countries that have no regard for due process.

Why am I talking like this? Because there is a due process, there are steps to follow in extraditing anybody in that kind of situation and there is the African charter which both Nigeria and Kenya are signatories who should know better but when you are lawless, you are lawless. They decided to damn the consequences under the guise of “Sovereign Nation.” So you did not know that you are a sovereign nation yet you signed the charter? And by the way, who is taking away your sovereignty other than you?. Because anybody who does not live according to the set rules or laws automatically takes away his sovereignty and as such should not blame anybody for his mishaps.

Enough of the long talk now let’s look at the laws guiding extradition of a citizen from another country. This is what the treaty says;

“The Extradition Treaty of 1984 between Togo, Nigeria, Ghana and Republic of Benin excluded political fugitives. It also states that where the fugitive will not get justice because of discrimination and/or undue delay in prosecution the host country should not release the fugitive. “Now, Article 20 of African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights to which the four countries are signatories made agitation for self-determination a fundamental right to be protected by all countries.

Now, whether a country like Kenya is aware of this very treaty is left for readers to judge. Or should I say they are not aware of this treaty? I know that Nigeria is quite aware of the treaty but the venom they carry would not allow them follow the due process so they had to go the rogue way disregarding the very treaty they signed. While we talk about this, we await the AU to see what they will do about it and other International bodies.

Having been able to successfully abducted and extradited Nnamdi Kanu, they went further and tried to unleash the same venom on Chief Sunday Igboho the Oduduwa Activist but sadly, it was in a different land, this time, not a British Colony but a French Colony. A Francophone country. I am making these emphasis for readers to read in between the lines. The federal government in their usual style of disregard for due process went ahead to influence the arrest of Sunday Igboho through Interpol in order to bring him back to Nigeria but you see, for a country that respects treaties, they refused to grant Nigeria’s request and therefore held Igboho in Benin and arraigned in their court and at last, he has been released. Now that is a country that respects rule of law. I guess Nigeria and Kenya should humble themselves and learn how to obey laws from Benin Republic in order to better their countries.

The highlight of this is that something is fundamentally wrong with British Colonies, there is something about them with disregard to laws and orders and that is not to say the other colonies are perfect but you could see the way they respect rule of law. These are a few things I wanted to highlight in this very article. I will talk on the agitations at a later time properly.

In my final word, I counsel these countries to learn to obey laws and treaties no matter how inconvenient they can be. When you obey laws, it is for your own good and safety and obeying it doesn’t kill you either. Never justify evil for your selfish means or break the law in order to enforce it. It doesn’t work that way. Nigeria and Kenya should go to Benin Republic and learn how to respect treaties.

Caleb Adiga Zadok, EzineArticles Basic Author